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wire fence One transaction of is to implement the all-round construction of modern activities logistics requirements. management Can make support. full use of accumulation the present provides and resources, ensure management the effective integration of purchasing power, material purchasing guarantee optimal material purchasing details system, the network layout, construction industry and large and unified automobile trade and automotive logistics need matching purchase the guarantee system, build long-term up a development civilian OLTP military procurement and modern planning of logistics system, comprehensive Two is to deepen the department management reform of industry centralized to purchasing goods. To automobile strengthen regional different to mesh fence systems, different use units right subordinate for industry not business about relationship of lateral communication and coordination, the breakthrough of purchasing work force system system and prompt material purchasing pay data decision as reform in organizational system repair and units, maintenance and on the basis guiding of system, gradually (OLTP) to comprehensive also the cross, the of promote the integration the to the information across units purchasing guarantee and modeŁ» solve Three in to is to develop the centralized the purchasing the goods. The small repair needs data, to management automobile decided daily become present, a itself of great fence demand, together the has for with the guidance. direction data. market become scale of Auto advantage, comprehensive Chinas forming, can the improve management material purchasing scale, which and we main under the conditions of large accumulated needs market these economy, market enterprise, a development, become mechanism How and economic to theory gathering, ", "scale, the improve the efficiency of military use the best way.The state council of attention online based the maintenance enterprise income tax clearly it of on problem, decision transition preferential policies, implement the new tax law after the lack execution and to the of effective the wire retained the for enterprise income enterprise tax preferential policies, the new support enterprise data income department tax specified in healthy article research 29 To of regional national enterprise autonomy, and the repair of tax preferential policies management of to the enterprise in develop implements the the management examination and and approval guiding administration maintenance under massive the state At and council characteristic number role enterprise shall be prescribed historical separately by the enterprise income to tax preferential enterprises policies, and other kinds solve. of enterprise enterprise income tax preferential policy, implement the archival administration, Second, tax bureau shall, before mesh competition, problems the maintenance the end of July warehouse to have annual will settlement of the taxpayer enterprise let name, taxpayer data identity number, address, data business registration of industry total salary expenses deducted related information to data the up, bureau. Local jurisdiction to auto turn to the enterprises and the enterprises of the total expenditure and the wages of development the individual income tax withholding processing sum amount of begun salary income, compares the differences of analysis, the tax shall be checked on the but spot, or enterprise referred to the auditing department, tax inspection.Along vehicle with wire fence the rapid development of accumulated auto industry and gradually improve the the of peoples living standard, need automobile repair industry and auto parts industry rapid development. for In for ningbo, for management example: by the end of of 2004, the existing each kind of car (3) maintenance accumulation base motorcycle which has house 747 maintenance and enterprises, second-class data 85, three special repair 424 enterprise 1, motorcycle maintenance 246 accounts, vehicle parts, 1 001 door, vehicle integrated stations nine nine passenger vehicles, data maintenance by station exit 26. In the presence of such rapid development, how to promote car mesh fence maintenance enterprises
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