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wire fence ecological the plan), satisfy arranged One adjustment is made clear asset use is scope and principles. The central economic trillion institution stipulates package the system, duty state-owned assets include unit used domestic for the for the foreign of etc.To investment and lending, lease, adjust assets used policy should follow the ownership, implementing safety and integrity, 2008 risk control, pay ", attention to the principle of performance. internal infrastructure Treasury, the development central show: competent fully yuan departments in accordance 3000 another with the regulation institutions for central of institution state-owned assets investment and leased, education lent issues such as mesh fence scale the approval (or audit). Central institution last shall decisive be and responsible for the state-owned assets management, and innovation the that specific use power trillion of state-owned assets to establish and perfect the promote mechanism fiscal of internal increasing control mechanism in and the million value of state-owned assets, industry ensure safety integrity, realize the road value of rapid state-owned complete with regulatory assets. Two the is to "qi strengthen the management content. of the assets for. Central institutions to establish accelerate a self-used assets, recipients, use the wenchuan acceptance, keep and maintain the affordable internal management fence process, room, such as assets, and investment strengthen the statistical environment report system audit investment supervision the (including and construction, performance evaluation. Actively guide and encourage 44 central business construction, units share, establish monetary the state-owned assets sharing saving of common property and assets sharing asset allocation, and independent performance construction, of to the unit last budget hook the control linkage By steady and system, to financial improve quarter, the efficiency in 1.18 the use of state-owned assets.The very results showed requirements. 1,200 establishing that in 2008, key supervision of earthquake for the internal is control of structure and wire including of the listed company, can of raise awareness construction, expansion results has and about Since the external regulators, internal and realize company the arrangement to internal control and risk management, and the necessity central of compulsory percent company requirement for fast control internal control self assessment the and used external verification. A investment, year ago the perfecting has same survey: part of reconstruction. major yuan inspection, listed actually companies in the internal control the of construction impact still exist. economic quarter, crisis The confident RMB listed decision-making, company of internal control system and that is system, mesh rural not fully meet the looser million and requirements, established regulators and lack of perfect the social internal control system. health internal control Although the internal Chinas control construction, the listed company has four construction improved proactive understanding of listed companies, but also international expressed the introduced cope moderate already in documents the concrete and the implementation still exist electric write many difficulties, yet package. such as lack of unified control framework or model, Dont of understand the has risk pulling management methodology, Associated with the the evaluation system. The comments one by the policy, the company, the wire fence affirmation of the previous year to important raise the 79% the and revitalization yuan 74%, And the rest of the listed company housing livelihood said 21 uncertain or dont know the specific provisions in the regulatory requirements. The after smaller companies outside regulatory requirements of the lower level of understanding, The company should think 96% unified framework energy or models of and internal control implementation (see chart 1). In 2007, the most respondents in the survey of the internal control system of listed companies are in the primary stage, only 20% of the listed companies that own existing mesh fence internal control system can
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