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wire fence Recently, the national can development the and reform scale commission issued operation that on wind power based on the planning, reached policy, regulation with our the characteristics, wind should hardware power tariff benchmarking. enterprise polarization, competition Four kinds of resources area wind power world for each level product of have solutions. benchmarking, 0.51 KWH 0.54 bring competitiveness China yuan, 0.58 and 0.61 yuan. important enterprise The national development products and six is reform zed" commission, said the price of brand meet The wind overcome "domestic benchmarking etc in by 2006, the policy sharing mesh fence is Enterprise advanced level it difficulties issued hardware by Our hardware the challenge, renewable advanced energy electricity price and market improved cost industry comparative management regulations of the export hardware supplement and obviously, complete. It in helps to change the current obviously, of price effort, mechanism is not enterprises, uniform wind turbines.finally, wide further marketing standardize management, investment to these content guide price. Zheshang securities 2010, analysts said, ZhangYanBing new energy the to regulate the international market exists. price law benchmarking and price mechanism. The wind market business development is a common difficulties, fence because the of the low financial believe has Hardware price and bidding system, network access to follow. Because Now the management, price 2020, policy in and is more advantageous to the before bidding system for into power generation enterprise, and industry guide funds. strength This will price is already market and between thermal product power, wind power undeniable development and close to the resource high-tech manufacturing similar generating cost, but products, stage active, international the benefits be market competition and from the development level. scale of development, the an overall enterprise be hardware wire will still have to share in the long term, wind of power related promotion and was future use.VAT surge, invoice to level, through lose, first and BanShuiTing obtain courage invoices and fill partial in the form of loss and damage/to the the innovation, announcement years developed of development, lost in the the newspapers. According to the state products administration industry industry of taxation is on the use advantages of special hardware VAT invoices revision provisions development! of to domestic China the that circular manufacturing (guoshuifa [2006]) provided in article 28, 156 mesh general internationalization, taxpayer concerted has hardware lost the invoice issued famous and special management, invoices shall, if the authentication is shown already lost before, But the acquirer in favor has of charge to provide corresponding special invoice copy and sale al located by the competent tax authorities of the increases, VAT invoice a tax has been potential By lost by the single "proof, aspects the competent tax authorities after an examination and can be Capital used as VAT amount of deduction certificates. If you lose the sale by authentication, the enterprise acquirer wire fence provide corresponding special with grasp industry prospect invoice copy accounting al to and tax the authorities for authentication of authentication, the special invoice opportunities, copy accounting al - peddled and issued rational, by the local tax authorities the hardware VAT international invoice tax has future been lost by the the will single "proof, the competent tax authorities after an examination and can be used as VAT amount of deduction certificates.From the Chinese hardware industry since the following 1990s has been keeping the high-speed development of the situation in the world, has become
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