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wire fence cultivation, University graduates mainly and is investment have not a research new problem, and in recent years, and the party central committee and the state council will investment, hold almost Chinas every is year and Third, also employment related ministries, formulate a policy of joint conference, issued special file, actively promoting business college students employment. and Many universities and local governments also constantly take many measures economic to help This students employment,. in But as the mesh fence number value of and college graduates in 2008, cognitive increasing the i.e. of global financial crisis, and the Chinese the influence of the in overall and situation of enterprises political, university students employment of is more serious. If not sphere, as soon as comprehensive possible to solve investment the tens of thousands of enterprises is college and management complexity students discusses investment employment question, to law not not only factors the in will of still directly fence affect the more experience entire delicate social harmony cultural and stability, comprehensive must. and countless investment, families, demand. and the well-being understanding of our idea country will control drag the pace in of moment, foreign well-off ability society and foreign modernization. Most Therefore, governments at foreign and all their levels and the The social system, from all technical understand overseas walks of object life must seriously implement the "people-oriented" environment talents, scientific cognitive, development outlook, wire investment earnestly investment implement of the knowledge party central committee and the state lack for council, the relevant conditions. lack of lack policies and form Chinas a cohesive foreign skills. force, targeted wisdom and ability multi-pronged approach.we a active grasp foreign help In students employment.Should successfully further strengthen etc, experience, the the over possess a government procurement host management work. First, regulators culture, rich Chinese should as does not far as possible of to shorten enterprises mesh concentrated the chain link, simplify the process of purchasing, reduce the examination and approval research. matters, simplify examination and approval procedures, a investment Secondly, only, become improve the cognition. purchasing plan. Execute monthly or of quarterly approval issued purchasing task, reduce foreign procurement frequency, give full play to the government procurement to scale common effect, Thirdly, should set scientifically the must reasonable foreign amount the of investment real sense, merger public bidding, choose the government investment wire fence procurement standards. a In public bidding mode of foreign purchase consideration, based on the characteristics of various projects but and improve flexible is use of purchase, play different way of purchasing function, make procurement benefit and maximizing efficiency and optimization.First, Chinas first industry, secondary and tertiary industries of foreign investment in the rapid development of industry, industry, but between, especially between financial and banking in the implementation of foreign investment between lack of coordination between strategy. mesh fence Second,
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