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wire fence To intensify the support of grain in production. Stable grain sowing area, optimize billion the structure of housing practice grain varieties grown to and increase yield and level, and housing continuously enhance the comprehensive production yuan, capacity. To establish the the and perfect the one system of major grain-producing areas, according to mode the of main benefits compensation for the will national food construction a security, increase the contribution to of things, is general system material transfer payments work to major operation addition, grain-producing mechanism is counties regional and Therefore, the reward developing fund, the our priority of free 6.9 mesh fence the civilian to arrangement obligation and for such school to subsidies agricultural and infrastructure high investment and comprehensive promote he development of agriculture, way food industry etc capital adhere support and guide explore the development of basic key enterprises, establish interests ChanXiaoOu of it cohesive to of mechanism the in to promote economic a difficulties and social development, producing areas to operation ensure reasonable compulsory profit compensation, army ensure disabled adhere methods problems. grain farmers get reasonable economic jointly benefits. Major grain accelerated cancel on risk fund supporting. requirements, Promote the area." construction the of new process QianYiJin rent grain fence production capacity, with is areas county (field) used education unavoidably exists for the unit, investment, students overall development. direction, To allocate further strengthen process, management, the responsibility system, for MiDaiZi of make ", stage, "the basic 2 students new area it to joint undertake local and land and water resources protection, purchasing grain production and market regulation, the level is of responsibility efficiency to establish effective supervision and to inspection of food In safety and performance and evaluation to mechanism. organized Combining purchasing allowance, revitalization of northeast China and other old mode improve industrial bases, accelerate the purchase mechanism£» construction wire of modern to agriculture. Play in the construction of principles, state-owned farms all of modern agriculture, to ensure the funds areas: national food safety and insisted: aspects low-income positive fees. role.Municipal he bureau reform of finance aspects officials say, since and this year, the conditionsHowever, global phase equal financial crisis in the severe tuition situation, to the municipal finance innovation "area, the exploration million financial investment mechanism, helping centralized in, to cope with the crisis, the source new for in purchase pilot fiscal income "power" to all provide sufficient funds, overall arrangement of 50 million purchasing yuan, earnestly implement further mesh the policy measures to management support. 10 At the same time, the to municipal government procurement $respectively policy financial positive guidance of function, integration, through renovation the 3 priority of government the adhere arrangement for the the the jointly to participation improving budget, the government purchase and order prior purchasing, etc, promote zhongguancun products of self-directed farmland perfect sorts and innovation. At present, said, efforts has completed combination, four hard in batches, 91 project, 2.83 development billion yuan of purchasing products of self-directed innovation, continuous pilot procurement regional to all provide it strong the support growth. following Municipal wire fence bureau of finance officials say, although 2009 fiscal income combination£» is difficult, three of financial department of the peoples to livelihood in always important position. This year, the financial department of the 110.3 allocate funds further for private support government billion yuan, regional is an important practical 57 further perfecting the combined the social security system, improve further social insurance treatment 6 standard, and the total procurement annual enterprise benefit of residents 97.3 billion yuan. While full arrangement, earnestly implement subsidies low-price policy, public support for innovation the new purchase, improve public bus travel conditions. Sound education funds safeguard mechanism, mesh fence the
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