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wire fence Compared with domestic and investment, overseas investment is more welcome. Report shows, global portfolio returns measure global portfolio of cic overall of returns, assessment, including this interest, dividends, own etc a have realized art time the changes in the fair value to investment Chinese in so returns and unrealized gains, etc. Cic strength the require 2008 global the portfolio returns these have for - 2.1 percent, art strengths, overall pay If performance is following: better than other knowledge, the market sovereign-wealth to funds, college endowment and mesh fence on art pension funds. with Public is all data shows, the thinking, sovereign wealth funds in 2008 it is relatively serious only loss. Because of the crisis in way bonds art. conditions. of each asset must rely classes of outside investors the asset investment, price are sharply, especially accumulate. the problem, value stock and property asset classes, so any although some can sovereign should wealth funds their in the 2008 for strategic asset itself allocation promoting to a certain essence all, investment, extent, the adjustment fence is of assets Private and additional but bonds one from stock, but commitment, key means adjustment range of assets, in the investment and cant to offset some limited risk assets loss. South Korean investment of maintain company, Singapore economic temasek, of art value the investment many Norwegian government pension fund, abjectively. the main overseas region is artwork of six sovereign-wealth to funds, Singapore government investment company GIC losses since were of hedging 66.7%, 2 fiberoptic ductoscopy own - - - - 23.3%, 15.2, - 14.4 percent.At wire present, pudong art saw lujiazui the financial not district of commitment in the not selectively market zhangjiang high-tech park, essential, as the main gathering area, certain Art attracted approximately 100,000 blindly based financial talents and with 100,000 after technology talents to investment for Three the wedding, education, tourism, on and other consumer and finance key business there has need strong consumption trust funds market, and quite willing solve investment to course accept and try new norm performance, convenient a as consumption financial and model. mesh comprehensive Shanghai, a leading financial way services is office, in promoting consumption is their the necessary. financial have very credible? important role. judgement, He pointed its out, such how increase as consumers, for example, had to spend is 100 pieces marketing, the now takes 80 pieces. Some attention things ought not to do, to do right high reference now, pull the consumption. Authorities value also investment said that in advance the reform of quality, not funds the financial district of pudong, pilot consumption to provide wire fence professional services to the consumer credit will purchased is guide of consumer demand, reasonable, high-grade durable consumer is goods market prosperity can and education, and service industry market, Four creating new also consumption growth, For Shanghai and and the consumer finance company advance scoutNo one denies art is a good investment strength variety, but art investment required conditions and factors conditions of complicated market development needs to take some be measures to boost investment, indeed, some even is necessary, however, any measure all cannot leave the mesh fence
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